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Construction in Faribault, MN

About the Companies

Established in 1959, Gray Companies, Inc. has developed an integrated system of full-range services including design/build, construction, and construction management. Our name is associated with quality. Work is performed by our dedicated personnel and our long established network of professionals.
Arby's Establishment—Construction in Faribault,MN
We supply accurate estimates to aid in your budgeting while providing cost-saving professional advice and expertise with our complete design services.

From securing permits, through final inspection, our experienced project managers monitor every step of your building process to assure schedules and budgets are met and our well known quality is achieved.
Construction Management
If there is a way of saving you time or money, we’ll pass that info on to you as part of our value-added services. Communication is a critical element of our services. Questions about plans, options, costs and schedules will be answered so your project can progress with maximum success.